Studio Engagement Photos

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I will be the wedding photographer at Brett and Maureen's Fall wedding at Ogden Garden in Valparaiso this coming September.  The young couple was recently in for a studio engagement session.  The guitar playing groom to be didn't take much coaxing as he serenaded his fiance in front of one of my black backdrops here at my Crown Point studio.

We had a very simple session with me just talking wedding stuff as the happy couple cuddled up close.

They both have eyes that are very piercing, yet tender at the same time.  Some of the black and white treatments I did have a very soft vignette that I hope captured the romantic vibe I felt between the engaged couple.

I simply asked them to look up at each other and it didn't take long for some laughs to come forth...

I like to play music at sessions and perhaps it was the funky R&B shuffling from my iPhone, but inhibitions were quickly lost and the romantic couple had no problems with kissing for the camera for some up close and personal photos.

Ogden Garden should be alive with Fall colors come the September 29th wedding.  I'm looking forward to capturing the vivid red, yellow and orange colors I know will be there to illuminate a very colorful wedding.  this is why i chose to conver many of the studio engagement photos into artsy black and whites.

Of course, the full color versions are available as well.

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