Wedding Videos

After the wedding day is over and all of the images have been edited, I start assembling a collection of photos from throughout the day - Getting Ready, Ceremony, Formals and Reception - into a highlight reel.  I then notify my clients and schedule a Premiere Night.  We roll out the virtual red carpet, put out some snacks and refreshments and view their video.  While we don't do wedding videography here (see the Bride's Room for recommendations), this slideshow of images isn't a boring view by any means.

Let's take a look at Brittany and Shaun's Chicago Wedding in Grant Park as an example:

View Brittany and Shaun's Chicago Wedding in full screen here.

Spending the day with this lovely couple, I got to know them fairly well.  I knew that the fast paced, Indie rock soundtrack would be a good fit.

These wedding videos come with the Digital Deluxe Package in DVD format and is packaged along with the disc of images of the wedding.  Friends and family will get to view this video on the web and share it onto Facebook no matter what wedding packaged is purchased.

This same style of video is available to my engagement clients as well.  Not only does the engagement photography look great displayed at the reception, the couple is more at ease in front of the camera come time for the wedding as well as knowing the process of how all this works - editing, Premiere Night, etc.

Let's take a look at my Northwest Indiana and Chicago engagement photography highlight video:

View the Northwest Indiana and Chicago Engagement video in full screen here.

I'm just beginning to stock up the Region Weddings You Tube Channel so you can have one place to check out many different wedding videos that I have made for clients.  We have a handful uploaded now for viewing.

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