Newborn Studio Portrait Session

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What in the world is going on?!!  Studio baby pictures on a wedding site!!  Well, yes.  Every once in awhile I like to show my studio work here and since my past clients Thomas and Jo have been featured here before in a Chicago engagement session, this was the perfect opportunity to tell their story.

They were married in the Philipines last summer and I was unfortunately unable to photograph their wedding.  However, we had a great time at their winter Chicago Session.

A couple of weeks ago we were about to schedule a pregnancy session at my portrait studio in Crown Point.  On Easter Sunday, baby Kenzo just could not be contained any longer and they told me it was too late for the session - a new baby boy had now entered this world.  I was extremely honored that they chose me to photograph their newborn for the very first time.

The new mom and Dad certainly doted over their new arrival.  The portrait session didn't go uninterrupted though as Kenzo's feeding time came an hour before if you get the drift!!  That's okay, we do request that the baby be fed before hand as the newborns tend to be happier and more calm when they are not hungry.  If a mess occurs, that's life!!  Besides, it was Dad who got sprayed and not the photographer!!!

Only two weeks old, Kenzo's little hands are something to see next to his parents...

The image we were striving to get was the resting baby in a white basket surrounded by multi colored yarn ( he loved to grab that stuff).  It was a lot harder than it looks, but after several tries and a lot of patience, we finally got what we wanted.

Congratulations and a big thank you to TJ and Jo for bringing their bundle of joy to my studio to photograph.  Can't wait for the one year images next Easter!!

Back to more brides and grooms starting tomorrow!!

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