Heather and Gordon: Hobart, Indiana Wedding

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Gordon and Heather had a June wedding at Grace Lutheran in Hobart, Indiana.  It's the beautiful white church on Route 51 by the hospital.  Click on the image below for a large view.

 Hanging out with Heather and Holly and Kavita before the ceremony was a lot of fun.  Getting to know them at this time made us all more comfortable and we were able to get natural looking shots for the rest of the day.

 While Heather and the girls were getting ready doing their thing, I'd occasionally get kicked out of the room.  Time to grab some groomsmen for some tough guy shots.

One of my favorites of the guys...

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Right before the ceremony began I took my place in the designated areas as requested by Pastor Frederick.  In this case, behind the last pew and in the balcony.  Time to break out the "wildlife lens".

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Whew, this getting married stuff sure will make one thirsty!!!

Alright, time to go to the church balcony for some formal shots...

How about some couple's shots around Lake George?!!

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Now it's time to party at Assumption Hall in Hobart....

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How about some formal dancing...

And now, some NOT SO formal dancing!!

Heather and Gordon chose the add on of Portraits at the Reception which proved to be a big hit with their guests....

Here are the two love birds now.  Thanks for a great day guys!!  Can't wait to get that wedding album in your hands!!!