Formal Fun Shots (or Who Cares About Technique)

Technically speaking there are some things wrong with the above image.  Usually I never put my subjects right in the sun to make them squint and bake to death in their nice clothes.  However, sometimes spontaneous and fun is the way to go.  We were out at Coffee Creek Park for the above shot with some beautiful scenery and I just directed these folks onto these rocks and had them do whatever came to mind.  We took a whole bunch of shots.  I would have loved to have gotten their entire reflection in the water, but I do believe I would have fallen off the bridge I was standing on, had I backed up any further!!

A funny aside to this shot is that I had another wedding party getting ready to have their ceremony right behind me on the bridge.  They were nervous that we would be their all afternoon, but there was no way I'd have my folks out in the sun too long.  So, we got a quick grab image that has some technical problems, but so what.  We had a fun time taking it and it was a hit for the bride and groom's album.

We will definitely have a game plan for your images, but sometimes it's great to just try something off the cuff.