Rebecca and Jack's Beach Wedding Pt. 2

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All of Rebecca and Jack's Ceremony images look like they were taken in the height of summer with the intense sun shining down.  However, it was indeed an October wedding at Marquette Park Pavilion in Gary, Indiana.  If you are considering it as a venue, I highly recommend it - great scenery as you will see in the formal shots in another posting coming soon.  It's a historic part of Northwest Indiana and the Lakeshore.

As the wedding party began to take their places, I spotted Grandma & Grandpa for the above candid shot.

Rebecca and her Dad are bathed in the autumn sun in this procession image.  She was very aware of the camera, but I think Dad was ready to get down the aisle and out of the blinding light!!

In the shot below, Jack awaits his bride underneath the gazebo that his father built for the occasion.

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What a gorgeous sky we had that day.  No cover for the guest from the sun, but I don't think they were complaining.  We were all grateful for the beautiful day.

I was able to roam freely for the ceremony so we came away with far and wide shots as well as up close at the bride and groom's feet and tight shots of the rings.  I always have two camera bodies with different lenses on me to capture these different perspectives.

Rebecca's sister Rose was the maid of honor and she did a great job of taking care of the dress and passing the rings along during the ceremony.

Soon the ceremony was over and Rebecca and Jack were now man and wife.  Here is one of my favorite "walking away" shots.  Jack was always looking after Rebecca the whole day.  

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For the rest of Rebecca and Jack's ceremony at marquette Park, please visit this link.  Stay tuned for another Journal entry with highlights and commentary from the Formal category.