Region Weddings on You Tube



Region Weddings now has a You Tube Channel that is home to some of the highlight videos I recently started posting.  I plan to add more this week and of course as new ones come along. Everyone seems to enjoy these little mini movies and they are a big hit on Premiere Nights, so expect to see a bunch more.

Go have a look and don't forget to subscribe to the channel to get updates to new video content.

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Here is the link to the Region Weddings You Tube Channel.

Another Round of F.A.Q.'s

Just got back from a little girl's photo shoot (see image below)at a local park.  We started our session around 5:30pm and ended about 6:45.  Why so late?  Why not 12pm when the sun is at it's brightest?  To find the answers to these vexing wonderments, please read the latest round of Frequently Asked Questions about wedding photography and more.  First, a sneak preview of tonight's session.  Great job Julia!!

Now, onto all of your questions...

Q. Do you accept credit or debit cards?

A. Yes.  I currently do this with an ebill through email for local orders.  Ordering prints through the website will get your item shipped to your door and can be paid via credit or debit. 

Starting next month, I will be able to swipe debit or credit cards on location.  I will be able take your wedding deposit this way as well as print and merchandise orders.

Q. Can I just hire you for two hours to do my ceremony only?

A. I'm a full service wedding photographer.  I'm yours for the day and I cannot deliver top quality images by just popping in for a few snapshots.  Always remember, in 20 years you will not remember what you ate or drank, etc., but you will want to look through your wedding album and see the complete story of your day.  I'm here to deliver that story.

Q. Can we get our engagement shots done at 12pm please?  We'd like to do some shopping and eat dinner just before dusk.

A. I always encourage (okay, demand) folks to take outdoor portraits just before dusk.  At high noon, the sun is at it's highest and cast harsh shadows.  While I do know how to work around this and I understand that a wedding ceremony has to be done in early afternoon on occasion, you will find before dusk shots to be the most pleasing.  The other alternative is sunrise.  We don't want to do that, now do we?!!  :)

Q. Will you be charging me extra for all of those cool special effects and collages (see below) that you do?

A. No.... and yes.  Special effects like Sepia, black and white, soft focus, etc. will never cost extra.  I also will not charge extra for any montage or special effect that I have dreamed up and went ahead and did for you.  However, if you have an extravagant request (give me wings and place me into the clouds with my veil swirling over a picture of my receiving line) then I will assess the request and give you a quote to do the work.

Keep sending in your questions.  I will answer you personally of course and list the most frequent ones here on the Region Weddings Journal.