What About Bad Weather?!!

If you wake up on your Wedding Day and find a menacing storm cloud up in the sky, don't panic. Yes, this is going to be an inconvenience and some changes will have to be made concerning your photography.  However, we will have to embrace the situation and turn it into a positive.  Think about the photographic possibilities - dramatic skies with moody lighting upon the bride and groom.  Perhaps some retro, umbrellas in hand strolling on the street shots are in order.  We have lots of possibilities.  If the forecast isn't looking good, I will come armed with umbrellas.  I will alert you to have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dig into their closets for these as well.  We will already have a Plan-B in place for alternate shots should this occur.  

Family photos may have to be taken inside the church or reception hall.  I will have a backdrop and lighting with me should we have to do this.  If worse comes to worse, we will schedule another day for formal pictures.  

Chances are that you will actually come out with some great, unique shots for you wedding.  So keep that happy face, it's going to be a great day no matter what!!