New Engagement Package: you, Your Fiance and Bruce Springsteen

In addition to the Chicago Sessions and beautiful local settings like Coffee Creek Park and The Dunes off Lake Michigan, I will now be offering up rock and roll icons.  That's right, for an extra added fee I will provide the rock icon of your choice.  Feeling like a blue collar troubadour?  Let me give Springsteen or Bob Dylan a quick ring.  Need some flannel shirt grunginess added to your black and white shots?  I offer you Eddie Vedder and the ghost of Kurt Kobain.  Kings of Leon are currently on tour and unavailable - sorry.

Where am I getting all this craziness from?  Check out this article on a professional engagement shoot with Bruce Springsteen as an unexpected guest.  Find it right here: Bruce Springsteen joins in on Engagement Session.  

FYI: Please, please, please don't hold me to this.  It's just a funny story and I have no way of conjuring up your favorite rock stars - alive or deceased!!  :)