Gimme Some Money!!

I'd really, really like to give you $50.00.  No, for real, I'd like to hand you over $50 of my hard earned money.

Okay, here's the deal....  I have a referral program that I don't advertise enough.  It's very simple, bring a wedding client to me and if they book their big day with me (and why wouldn't they?), you get $50.00 for the referral.

Just make sure they mention your name and give me contact info if I don't already have it.  Also, you will receive this payment after they actually book their wedding photography.  It isn't for inquiries.

So there you go, extra Christmas shopping money!!

New Payment Option: On Site Credit and Debit

Introducing: On Site Credit and Debit Transactions.

I can now take payment on site or over the telephone and provide you with an immediate receipt.

As you may know, I've been able to take credit and debit payments for quite awhile now but have been restricted to email.  I can still send you an email with a link to pay for things like prints orders, deposits on services, etc.  That option will continue if that is what you prefer.

By the way, all prints 16x20 and larger are on sale until 9/30/2010.  So, another week left to save big on Stand Outs, Wraps, Large Prints.  Personally, I love the idea of Stand Outs and Wraps so I don't have to buy a frame.  This sale is available only through me and NOT through the SBV Photography Website.