Dance The Night Away (in comfortable shoes, of course)

Today's post is courtesy of guest blogger - Christine.  As a male photographer, sometimes it's best to just shut up and take the pictures!!  When it comes to women's shoes, I'm clueless.  So take it away Christine..

Steve thinks the wedding photographer’s job is grueling?  He’s obviously never been a bridesmaid!


Brides-to-be, the girlfriends you ask to stand with you on this important day have a special place in your heart  - and they’ll be standing (literally) all day!  When it’s finally time to let loose, let them kick off those gorgeous heels and dance the night away in something more comfortable.

Some brides provide flip-flops, not only for the bridesmaids, but for the female guests, too.  

Personally, I can’t dance in flip-flops so I’d prefer something like Dr. Scholl’s For Her Fast Flats – a pair of light, thin, rollable ballerina slippers, packaged in a gold wristlet bag for about $12.  I saw these at Walgreens - they are so cute and would make great bridesmaid gifts. Available in three sizes but only in black.  Perfect for a club-hopping bachelorette party!  If black won’t do, don’t despair.  Many online sites sell silver, gold, and white flats for a comparable price. Just Google  “rollable flats” to find them.

Show your bridesmaids how much you care.  Give their feet a treat!

How To Share On Facebook and Elsewhere

This posting is for all my clients (wedding, high school seniors, families, etc.) as you all get a gallery on my SBV Photography site.  I have noticed that a great feature is very under utilized.  I think it's time I promote the Sharing feature a little more.  

In all of your galleries you will find a Share button, right next to Slideshow.  See the screenshot below:

This is where you will be able to email friends and family your images, post to Facebook, Twitter, Friend Feed, etc.  You can also get links to embed into a personal blog.


Here is the form that appears when you choose the email option.

Finally, here are your options for embedding into personal blogs, etc.

It's all pretty simple and painless.  I have obviously not done enough to promote this feature as I get asked about it all the time.