Introducing Wedding Album E-Books

All of my wedding clients and some of my engaged couples as well, are familiar with my custom designed wedding albums.  They are large 12x12 hardcover coffee table style books with your wedding pictures laid out and embedded onto the page.  They are a big hit, especially the designer flourishes I put onto many of the pages.

I'm happy to announce that E-Book versions of these books are now available.  I convert the designs into epub format that is readable by apps. such as iBooks for the iPad and iPhone.  Here's how it works: 

  • After your designed book is finished in software, I send out to the printer and it's usually a 10 day turnaround after that.
  • During this wait time (or anytime after) you may now purchase an E-Book version.  The E-Book will cost $9.99 and I will provide a link for download.
  • You will need to download the free iBooks App. from the Apple App. Store.  It is compatible with iPad and iPhone.  Install on one or both devices.  You can also pass the book around to friends and family.
  • Instead of turning physical pages, you will be turning the full color pages onscreen.  It's the ultimate portable brag book.

The Wedding Album E-Book works great on the iPad and equally well on iPhone.  You simply drag the file into iTunes for Mac or Windows and then sync your device with the iBooks Application already installed.  You will then have your wedding album on your virtual book shelf.

This is a great way to leave your actual physical book safe at home and take your wedding around town to show friends and co-workers.  The E-Book is an exact replica of your wedding album.

Here are a few examples of some recent client books.  The first image is the cover of Zach and Olivia's wedding book followed by a custum designed Henna themed page from Jay and Rupal.

- click images to enlarge -

Next time you are at the hair salon, take out your iPhone and show your stylist your wedding right there on the spot....

For now, this new offering is only available on iPad and iPhone, but Android versions will be coming soon.  Take a moment to view this quick video promo all about Wedding album E-Books:

For a full screen version of this video, go here.

Photo Booths at the Wedding Reception


Every once in awhile I notice another vendor at a wedding that really stands out.  I usually get really busy with editing of the images and meeting new clients that sometimes I forget to point out these exceptional businesses.  I plan a few more of these spotlight posts, but today I will concentrate on a fun reception phenomenon that has really taken off this year - the Photo Booth.  Hey everything that is old is new again, right?!!
I have seen many of these in 2011 and I believe the best of the bunch is Memories in Minutes.  I like to take a peak at the images that come out of these machines both for the shock value (it's a private booth & supposed to be silly) and the print quality.  Now, none of these machines are going to produce images with great lighting that you can hang as a wall portrait.  That is not their purpose.  However, you do want to have photos that are at least on par with a small point and shoot.  Many times I see very low quality images getting spit out, but the Memories in Minutes folks had a higher quality.  They also are extremely friendly and are greeting and helping your guests in and out of the booth.  Visit their website for details as I'm only going off of memory here, but I have seen them filling a nice looking album with the images.  It appeared to me that it get's delivered to the bride and groom at the end of the night.  Very cool.
I imagine this could be one of those things that may be taken lightly, but as usual, quality does matter.  I can attest that they are professional and will do a good job for you on your reception night.  Oh, as bride and groom, don't forget to stop into the booth yourselves.  Have fun!!