Best Wedding Venues In Northwest Indiana 2014 Edition

One of the great things about my job as a wedding photographer is that I get to see pretty much all of the wedding venues in Northwest Indiana.  I also get to know many of the people who run the various halls and locations.  At the end of every year I like to write a little bit about where I was throughout the wedding season and share some images too.  I shoot in Chicago and Michigan as well as Destination Weddings, but we will just focus on my home turf of Northwest Indiana today with one Chicago venue.  Next year is filling up by the way, so please do fill out my Contact Form to inquire about your wedding date.

NOTE: There are many other great venues not listed here.  However these are the ones I happened to be shooting at in 2014.  You can have a fantastic wedding ANYWHERE.  I shot a lovely ceremony in the bride's parent's backyard last year.  It was wonderful.  So please consider this more of a guided tour and informational. 

Garden area at night at Centennial Park in Munster, IN

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a great destination for your outdoor wedding as well as a lovely hall for the reception.  You can get married in the garden, the lakeside terrace and I have always loved the wood floors inside.  During the reception guests can step outside on the balcony for fresh air which is nice.  If it rains or the temperatures fall, having the ceremony indoors there is nice as well as it overlooks the lake and the room is nice and clean.  I have a great working relationship with the staff as well and I know they will treat you well.

The sun sets at Centennial Park in Munster.

The Patrician

I also have a great working relationship with the folks over at The Patrician in Schererville, Indiana.  What I've always liked about the venue is just how clean and classy it always is as well as the delicious and vast array of food selections.  As you will see below, I shot a number of indoor as well as outdoor ceremonies there this year.  The outdoor gazebo areas also make for nice bride and groom pictures in all seasons.

A newly married couple takes a stroll in the outdoor area at The Patrician in Schererville, IN.

The Red Barn Experience

If you are looking at a rustic barn wedding, The Red Barn Experience in Laporte, Indiana is quite popular.  This rustic venue is located amongst farm fields and sports an open air reception area.  If weather cooperates, you can dance underneath the stars and sky lanterns.  

Bride in the sun lit doorway of The Red Barn Experience

Sandy Pines Pavilion 

Speaking of open air wedding reception venues, Sandy Pines Pavilion in Demotte, Indiana is a great one.  My wedding there this past year had rain on and off all day.  This was no problem because moving the ceremony under the pavilion itself felt just like being outdoors.  Everybody remained dry during dinner and we snuck out onto the beautiful golf course for pictures when weather permitted.  I even sent the bride and group out into the night rain with an umbrella.

The bride and groom take a walk at Sandy Pines Pavilion in Demotte, Indiana.

Navy Pier

For something completely different and downright cool, consider Navy Pier in Chicago for your outdoor wedding.  Specifically one of the cruise ships that docks there and then takes you around Lake Michigan for your reception on the water.  This years wedding there we boarded the Mystic Blue cruise ship, but the Odyssey is an option as well.  We took an Uber car around Chicago for bride and groom shots. The ceremony was on the bow of the ship while it was docked, family photos were on the Pier itself and the reception was aboard the ship and we took many portraits overlooking the night skyline of Chicago.  Dinner and dancing are undercover inside the ship, but guests may go out to soak up the night air if they wish.

The bride and groom embrace with the ferris wheel at Navy Pier in the background.

Valparaiso University

The Valparaiso University Union Center is available for receptions and for a grand church ceremony you can also book The Chapel of the Resurrection.  The grounds of the University offer up many different photo opportunities and of course the church itself has the famous spiral staircase.  It had been a few years, but I was very glad to be back at this iconic Northwest Indiana wedding venue.

The iconic spiral staircase at The Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University

Macedonian Hall

On Broadway Street in Crown Point, Indiana you will find one of the largest dance floors in Northwest Indiana and a perfect destination for a large guest list.  We had a ball going from one end to the other capturing all the fun.

The large illuminated dance floor of Macedonian Hall in Crown Point.

Sand Creek Golf Course

Sand Creek is known for it's outdoor weddings, but this year we photographed one inside due to cool temperatures.  No problem because this is a great looking venue inside and out.  Sun streamed in during the ceremony and we were able to cruise the golf course for some great outdoor bride and groom photos.

Sand Creek Golf Course in Chesterton, Indiana.

White Hawk Country Club

Staying with our golf theme for the moment, don't forget White Hawk Country Club in Crown Point, Indiana.  They recently remodeled their reception room to accommodate larger parties.  Of course, hidden deep on the course is the wonderful bridge that I love taking bride and groom photos on and around.

White Hawk Country Club

Aberdeen Manor

Located in a neighborhood in Valparaiso, Indiana, Aberdeen Manor is known for it's spectacular reception hall and beautifully landscaped outdoor weddings.  Nearby you can find a fountain and they have a chapel available as well.

Aberdeen Manor in Valparaiso, IN

The Halls of St. George

There are usually two weddings per night at the Halls of St. George in Schererville, IN as it is one of the larger wedding venues in Northwest Indiana.  I have photographed there many, many times from outdoor ceremonies to indoor ones to simply receptions.  They have a nice area off to the side of the building for outdoor photographs as well as a gazebo.  Their large stage can accommodate a live band as well as a big DJ set up.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at The Halls of St. George

Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza

With it's grand pianos, luxurious wall decor and large ballrooms, Radisson Hotel in Merrillville is still one of the classiest options for Northwest Indiana or even Chicago weddings.  Plenty of options for reception after parties as well.

Weddings at Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza

My wedding season coming up is looking to be one of my biggest yet.  So please do fill out the Contact Form to inquire if your date is still available.  I hope you have found this article informative and helpful as you research your wedding venue in Northwest Indiana.