Beach Wedding at Portage River Walk

Chris and Tabitha have what I call "the gaze".  I spent their entire wedding day with them and it was ever present.  They would just look at each other and the smiling  would begin.  Their love for one another was very apparent.   It showed in both of their families as well.  I'm very grateful for the way they welcomed my assistant and I and the tremendous hospitality shown to us.  

A newly married couple gazes at each other amongst the wildflowers of the Portage River Walk beach front.

Chris and Tabitha's day started out at the Blue Chip Casino hotel where we took a few bride and groom portraits.  A sweet and tender moment occurred as they rehearsed their self written vows to each other in the lobby of the hotel.

The groom poses for his wedding portrait in front of the hotel bar at Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City.

The bride smiles as the casino lights of Blue Chip in Michigan City shine behind her.

The bride and groom gaze lovingly at each other as they rehearse their vows at the Blue Chip Casino Hotel in Michigan City.

Due to the extreme heat and for the health and safety of some family members, the ceremony was held inside the Portage River Walk Pavilion that looked out onto Lake Michigan.   Afterwards we took many family photos in addition to wedding party photographs all along the beach front.

A dark and dramatic sky looms over the bride and groom for their wedding photo at Portage River Walk.

The wedding party was fun and easy going enough to climb up on the rocks for me for a unique wedding party group photo.  Thanks guys.  Hope I didn't get you all too dirty!! 

The wedding party climbs atop the rock formation at the Portage River Walk for a group photo.

Time for a spontaneous group hug from the best man and maid of honor.

The best man and maid of honor engulf the bride and groom with a group hug on the beach of the Portage River Walk.

The bride and groom embrace as they look across Lake Michigan imagining their new life together.

The reception was a family affair in every sense with an intimate (and delicious) dinner at Water's Edge restaurant in Michigan City.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and friends - everyone was there.   The night was capped off by the bride and groom dancing in the aisle as friends and family looked on.  Once again they were gazing into each other's eyes.  What a wonderful night!!

The bride visits with her Uncle at her reception dinner at Water's Edge in Michigan City.

An intimate dance by the bride and groom as friends and family look on.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek look at Chris and Tabitha's beach wedding at Portage River Walk.   For more photo updates, please give a like to the Region Weddings Facebook Page and stay tuned to this Journal.beach