Wedding Ceremony at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church is tucked away amongst the many fields and farms in the southern portion of Valparaiso, Indiana.  I've shot many weddings there with Evan and Stephanie being my most recent.


Light rays stream through the windows at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church during a wedding ceremony.

After spending time with bride and bridesmaids taking Getting ready photographs, I will often meet up with groom and his groomsmen at the site of the ceremony for pictures.  I took Evan and his guys to a farm field in back of the church for a Reservoir Dogs like image.  The black and white treatment worked really well for the tough guy look we were going for.

The groomsmen walk in an Indiana field for this black and white wedding photo.

Stpehanie and Evan requested what i call the bride and groom peek-a-boo shot before the ceremony.  It was an emotional, yet fun moment as I placed them on each side of the door while holding hands.   Soon he would be seeing her walking down the aisle in her dress for the first time.

The bride and groom hold hands on each side of a door for their peek-a-boo almost first look wedding photo.

As Stephanie prepared, I was able to sneak in some family wedding photos on the groom's side as guests were arriving...

The groom poses for family wedding photos with his parents and brother.

I always meet with the pastor or priest at any wedding to go over their rules.  At St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, the wedding photographer must shoot from the last pews during the ceremony and not fire any flash.  This was no problem as I was able to zoom in on many wonderful candid moments of the bride and groom as well as family.

The bride and groom share a laugh during their wedding ceremony in Valparaiso.

A family member does a reading during the a wedding ceremony at a Valparaiso church.

An important part of capturing photographs at a church wedding ceremony, is showing off the architecture of the building in wide angle shots such as this one.  I love too capture the up close moments as well as the granduer of the wedding day. 

A view from the pews of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

The bride places a wedding band upon the groom's finger during their church wedding ceremony.

After Evan and Stephanie exited the church amidst a sea of bubbles, we immediately started family photos.

The bride and groom exit the church as family and friends shower them with bubbles.

Formal wedding photo for the bride and her parents.

For this dramatic looking shot, I simply put our beautiful bride on the edge of the altar and shot upwards to reveal the rays of light streaming in through the windows of this wonderful church.   My assistant illuminated the bride with some soft light just out of range of the camera.

A dramatic looking wedding photo of the bride alone at the altar of a Valparaiso church.

For wedding party pictures inside a church, I will organize everyone for an elegant looking photo with the idea that afterwards we will go to another location for some fun group shots.

Wedding party group photo at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church.

The wedding party has fun on the bridge at Deep River County Park.

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