Get Hitched at the Old Crown Point Courthouse

Mike and Danielle were married at the Old Crown Point Courthouse in Crown Point, Indiana as part of the Get Hitched promotion to help preserve the legacy of the historic building.  To learn more about this promotion, please visit the Get Hitched website.

Get Hitched at the Old Crown Point Courthouse promotional poster.

Our bride Danielle looks just as striking as Colleen Moore does in the above poster in the is bridal portrait taken at nearby Ellendale Farm. 

A pretty bride in a portrait taken at Ellendale Farm near downtown Crown Point.

The wedding took place on July 5th just after Independence Day celebrations.  We started out at Glamour Hair Design in Valparaiso.  I always try to capture all the laughter and fun that often takes place at the Getting Ready sessions on the wedding day and that was pretty easy with these girls!!  They simply couldn't stop laughing and goofing off.   I guess they got pretty used to me being there and the cocktails may have played a part too.  :)

A bridesmaid sneaks up on the bride to give her a kiss.

Bridesmaids goof off with make up at Glamour Design Salon in Valparaiso. 

The flower girl fit right in with this group as she was not camera shy in anyway.  Here she is with the bride just before taking off to the Crown Point wedding ceremony. 

The bride hugs the flower girl just before her wedding ceremony in Crown Point, Indiana.

Soon we were inside the Grand Old Lady which is the nickname for the old Crown Point courthouse located on Main Street in the downtown square.   The father of the bride walked her down the aisle with friends and family looking on.

Father of the bride walks her down the aisle of the old Crown Point courthouse. 

The groom gave her a surprise dip during their first kiss as the pastor roared with approving laughter. 

The groom dips his bride during the first kiss at their wedding ceremony at the Crown Point courthouse.

Family wedding photos took place outside the building in front of the steps.  Well wishers honked their horns as they drove around the shopping square.

Family wedding photos on the steps of the Crown Point Courthouse.

The groom was all smiles on his wedding day... 

The groom smiles with joy on his wedding day on the front steps of the Crown Point courthouse.

After family portraits we took a 3 minute drive to the Ellendale Farm neighborhood in Crown Point for romantic wedding photos along the lake.

A sunburst appears in the sky as the bride and groom look toward each other in this romantic wedding photo at Ellendale Farm in Crown point.

The Crown Point flavor continued as guests were treated to a candy bar with swirled lollipops as the bride and groom did their first dance in the courthouse Bali ballroom. 

Lollipop wedding decorations at a reception at the Crown Point courthouse.

First dance inside the Bali ballroom during a wedding reception at the Crown Point courthouse.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek as Mike and Danielle "get hitched" at the old Crown Point Courthouse.  for more updates, stay tuned to this Journal and like the SBV Photography Facebook Page.