Fun Wedding Photos at Avalon Manor

Pure, unadulterated fun is the best way I can describe David and Jessica's wedding at Avalon Manor.  You can see from the crazy dance of the bride and bridesmaids above that this young bride and groom and their friends were going to make sure it was a day of smiles and laughter.

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After leaving the Razor's Edge Hair Salon, I met the girls at the Avalon Manor bridal suite where we took candid photos of the bride and bridesmaids as well as the image above in front of the large mirror.  I gave it a slight vintage look in the digital darkroom to compliment the look of the grande, old mirror.

I took one detour over to Deep River Park for some Fall shots of the groomsmen such as this candid wedding photo of the guys having a few laughs.

Once the guys arrived back at the Hobart Banquet Hall, I borrowed their tuxedo jackets for a fun bridesmaid image with the girls wearing the jackets and holding their flowers in the air.

Jessica was very concerned about David seeing her beforehand, so we blindfolded him and led him around in various setting for photographs.  Here we placed him at the bottom of the stairs as the bridesmaids looked on in mock horror, afraid that he could turn around at any moment.  He's too good of a guy to do that!!  :)

Just before the ceremony, the bride's grandmother helped with a few adjustments of the dress...

The indoor wedding ceremony at Avalon Manor was a lovely one with the bride entering from the balcony and down the staircase as her grandmother awaited to walk her down the aisle.

The banquet room was packed with family and friends and adorned with pink petals all along the white runner.

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Talking with Jessica and David after the wedding, they told me they had to hold back some of their smiles as they knew exchanging wedding vows was a serious affair.  However, they were so happy to have this moment finally upon them, that lighthearted laughter and smiles shone throughout.  I kept my lenses focused on their reactions as well as family members looking on.

So many of my first kiss photographs are taken from center aisle and I love that classic viewpoint, but it was great to get behind the couple for this one and also see much of the Avalon Manor banquet room as well as the white runner with the pink petals pointing right at the newlyweds.

Even family photos after the ceremony had a fun element to them.  I like to avoid stiff images anyway, so I was welcome to the idea of their respective mom and grandmother holding up a picture frame to showcase the just married couple. 

We had some great Fall colors to work with and the sky at dusk behind Avalon Manor enhanced our portraits even further.

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We took a variety of silly pictures with the wedding party and then I slowed them down with one traditional wedding photo before dismissing them to the reception.

Jessica's veil was so dramatic and I knew I had to use it for some unique images.  She was all for it and her new husband's smile says it all...

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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Evers!!  Thank you for having me be a part of your big day and for being such a fun group.  See you soon for that Trash the Dress session.