Trash the Dress at Washington Park Beach

Michele and I had discussed a Trash the Dress photo session when we first met to discuss her wedding photography.  She was very excited about the idea and we pretty much had it in mind that after her engagement photos in downtown Crown Point and her pretty wedding photos at Centennial Park, our next photo opportunity was going to be a bit more funky.

We started out very subtle with a "bride in distress" image with her husband rescueing her from the railrod tracks.  These days, train track images are a little cliche', but we needed to start Michele out slowly I thought.  After all, wedding dresses are a thing of beauty, cost a pretty penny and are difficult from a psychological standpoint to actually trash.

After some nervous trial runs down some sand dunes at Washington Park beach in Michigan City, our bride was finally ready to actually trash her dress by entering Lake Michigan and walking back towards the camera.  I very much like the tentative look on her face.  At this point we had already done a sunset dip on the shore, pourded dry sand on the dress and the pretty sunset dip on the shore pictured above.  It was now time to enter the water!!  :)

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at aMichele and Nick's Trash the Dress photo session.  To keep updated and to see more images, subscribe here to the Journal and give us a "like" on the SBV Photography Facebook page.  More to come!!

In the meantime, click below to see a larger version of one of my favorites so far.  I love the seaweed on the rocks and the grunginess of the foreground against the beauty of the bride.  So glad we climbed down off the pier to take these images.  Great job Michele and Nick!!

- click image to enlarge -