Wedding at Friendship Gardens in Michigan City

Today we have a sneak peek at Colie and David's outdoor wedding at the International Friendship Garden in Michigan City.  The day began with a first look of the bride and groom.  David was all smiles as his beautiful bride slowly made her way toward him.  Family and friends were looking on during this tender moment inside the scenic garden area.

Colie did a faux surpise with a "fancy to see you here" kind of look.  It was the beginning of a fun summer day in Michigan City.

We then spent a part of the afternoon taking formal photos of the bride and groom and their wedding party and families all before the outdoor ceremony was to begin at 5pm.  

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The greenery is spectacular inside the Friendship Garden and landscaped beautifully.  We did this secret kiss as I hid amongst the tall trees with my long lens and my assistant was nearby with our lighting.  We try not to interfere too much and only give direction as to placement of the couple.  This way we get them in great light and a beautiful scene, but also get some nice candid moments.  I imagine it is tough to be romantic with a crew surrounding you so we try our best to keep a little distance and let things happen naturally.

Mom and Dad were on hand to walk their daughter down the aisle.  Here they take a look to see if the pastor is ready for the outdoor ceremony to begin....

International Friendship Gardens has a large white dome which is great for an outdoor wedding.  This is a very solid structure as well.  It keeps the wedding party and their guests dry and protected.  It also makes for a nice dramatic wide angle photo of the ceremony.

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The first kiss is something every professional wedding photographer is poised and ready to capture.  Colie and David's family and were friends were cheering at this point.

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This is only a sneak peek with many more wedding photos to come from Colie and David's outdoor wedding as well as the reception at Woodland Park in Portage.  Subscribe to this blog as well as like the SBV Photography Facebook page for more updates.