Weddings at Centennial Park in Munster, Indiana

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I had a meeting with a 2013 bride last night and she was telling me about her plans for wedding photos at Centennial Park in Munster, Indiana and the reception at the banquet facility located on the grounds.  It occured to me just how popular a wedding venue this picturesque area has become in such a short time.

For a photographer it can be quite challenging on a sunny day with not much shaded area, but the gorgeous water fountains and bridges and flower gardens make it worth the effort.

There are many shelters that can be rented for outdoor weddings and I've used these areas for formal photographs as well.  Here is one behind the stage of the amphitheater on the north side of the park...

I'm still waiting to actually get a bride and groom onto the actual golf course that also sits on the property (will it be you?), but for now I'll settle for the wedding party piling onto the golf carts...

Centennial Park has also been a popular destination for engagement photos too.  Last Fall we took Stacey and Steve around the garden area for a stroll.

We were able to get many unique photos in a short amount of time just by walking the park.

The banquet room has a great wood floor for dancing.  I also liked that guests could look out at the lake through the huge patio windows and step through the doors for some fresh air as well.

Whether you are casually strolling the park for your wedding photos or jumping for joy, you will definitely come away with some beautiful scenery in your images - great for gallery wraps on your wall.  Of course, the focus is always on you, the bride and groom, but these big and wide landscape photos certainly look good in a two page spread in your wedding album.  Two thumbs up for the eco-friendly Centennial Park.

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