More Engagement Photos from Downtown Crown Point

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Michele and Nick ordered a large 16x20 Wall Print of the above image to display at their wedding reception this June.  As I had them outstretch their arms toward the Courthouse shoppes sign, they had no idea I would be placing their wedding date within the sign itself.  I saw the look of surprise as Michele watched their highlight video of the engagement session we did in the Crown Point Square.

We had discussed before hand of doing a lot of vintage scenes in the old downtwon area.  For the image below, we went for an antique effect of the young couple kissing with the old courthouse for a backdrop....

The bride to be really liked the idea of strolling around window shopping.  We did this engagement photo shoot on Easter Sunday so we practically had the Square all to ourselves.

The courtyard across from the old courthouse was empty and the couple embraced as we waited for the occasional car to pass by out of frame.

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We had a nice dramatic sky as the sun began to set.  Once again, a couple in love with the streets of Crown Point all to themselves.  Okay, a photographer with an assistant and a lighting rig as well.  Doesn't mean it was any less romantic!!  :)

The south east corner of the Square has a great little mini park in front of the What's the Scoop ice cream shop.  Perfect for some vintage looking, couple on the park bench type of photography.  This one has an early 1970's vibe to it.

As you can see from this street sign, I'll be seeing Michele and Nick again on June 9th for their wedding. Looking forward to a fun day with a terrific couple.