Wedding Ceremony at St. John the Evangelist

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Stacey and Steve were recenty married at Saint John the Evangelist Church in Saint John, Indiana.  This vintage, old church on Route 41 has some amazing architecture.  The bride and groom's family and friends filled the pews as the excited bride walked down the aisle with her parents on each arm.

Catholic ceremonies tend to give me enough time to take shots from all vantage points, like this photo of the wedding party all lined up off of the altar taken from the balcony of the church.

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Although most Catholic churches have restrictions on where the photographer can shoot from and external lighting is prohibited, classic wedding photos can be obtained.  The area where the bride and groom were praying was cloaked in darkness, but by shooting a silhouette and then adding some toning and vignette in post production, I was able to produce one of my favorite ceremony picture below.

The same technique was applied to this image of the groom assisting his bride off of the pews and back to the altar.

The focus isn't always on the bride and groom as this selective color image of the bridesmaids illustrates.

The sleepy flower girl was too cute to pass up.  She and the groomsmen get the vintage treatment on this wedding photo.

The bride and groom smile as one of their readers says a few words at the podium...

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The bride and groom made a fake getaway in the limousine before coming back in for formal family photos inside the beautiful church.  Check back soon for images from the formals of Stacey and Steve's Spring time wedding.

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