The Importance of Advanced Wedding Planning

Yesterday I had to do one of my least favorite things - tell a potential client that I was unavailable to shoot their upcoming wedding.  This was after a heartfelt speech about how she has been viewing my work for some time now and has had me in mind all along to be the photographer.  Unfortunately time got away from her and she was unable to contact me until yesterday.  This happens on occasion, but was the third such inquiry in as many weeks.  :(

I will always refer another qualified photographer, but I hate to dissappoint anyone.  So, if you are here as a potential client, please don't delay in setting up a meeting.  I know the year 2013 may seem like a long time away for your wedding, but I am already booking dates.  I'd love to have you over here in Crown Point to hear about your wedding and of course show you my work in person.