Beautiful Brides

When you photograph as many weddings as I do, you can get into dangerous territory when you entitle a Journal post "beautiful brides" and leave out some of your clients.  So let me say right away, I don't think there as been anyone that I have found to NOT be a beautiful bride.  However, I don't have the space to have everyone's image here.  Plus, I chose a few of these shots to make some points on photography.  So here goes...

I remember walking with Rebecca at the front entrance of the Marquette Park Pavillion just before her and Jack's entrance to their reception.  I saw the tornado like skies with the dramatic looking clouds and though it would make a great shot with her contemplating her big day and holding her exotic and colorful bouquet of flowers.  It's one of my favorite beautiful bride photos and one that is featured in the banner of this website.

This photo of Megan in black and white with her flowers in color was actually taken during her ceremony in front of the old Crown Point Courthouse in downtown.  Her officiator was quite colorful and I cropped in tight to catch her laughing and to isolate her against the brick.  Again, a beautiful, soft bride against the gritty brick - a great contrast I think.

This bridal photo of Terra was taken just before her ceremony was to begin at her church in Sawyer, Michigan.  I liked that my softbox reflected against the inner metal of the piano and that she looked so calm and relaxed.  I thought it was a bit different and unique, yet very simple for a bridal photo.  She agreed and it is featured large in her wedding album.

Last year, Jackie and Brandon and their wedding party wandered all around Centennial Park in Munster taking formal wedding photos, some casual and some posed.  We were about to finish up and head to Villa Cesare Banquet Hall when one of her bridesmaids suggested the wood paneled backdrop as a cool looking background.  She had a great eye and we seized the idea and turned it into a unique bridal photo.  The giant shadow is my assistant Leslie protecting our bride from the sun with a large diffuser.  Normally I'd hate that any of our gear showed up in a shot, but this made it quite cool looking.  Many people have complimented this one.

I remember Heather being quite nervous just before her outdoor Fall ceremony at the bandshell by Lake George in Hobart, Indiana.  This sassy looking pose was taken outside of her mom's house right before we took off for downtown Hobart.  I could tell she had a lot on her mind, so I just told her to look into the distance and let us capture her awesome looking dress and great figure.

You can't cover a wedding ceremony at Grant Park in Chicago without capturing the smiling bride against the cityscape.  Brittany is dwarfed by the skyscrapers in the background and makes for another nice contrast to her lovely wedding dress.

I remember Elise's bridesmaid asking / telling me to take an "amazing" shot of her and the bride together.  Well, I don't know if this one is "amazing", but the pure joy of the bride, the great pink dresses and the all around fun are all I need.  I've had this one on some of my business cards as it's one of my favorite wedding photos.

Sometimes beauty shows itself during the "getting ready" part of the day.  Krystal's maid of honor is helping with the dress and we got some great natural light coming in from the hotel window for a candid, sexy wedding dress photo.

I remember Stephanie diligently putting on make up by herself when I arrived at Griffith Lutheran Church where she was getting ready for her summer wedding.  I like this one for the pretty smile in the mirror along with the softness of her veil.

Megan's bouquet of flowers with their accent on orange was perfect for her Fall wedding.  We took this in a neighborhood called Ellendale Farms in Crown Point, Indiana. I wanted a soft background to disguise all the homes and to focus on the smiling girl in front of me.  I've used this image as one of my sample wedding prints for quite a awhile now.

I'm looking forward to adding all the 2012 brides to a future beautiful brides post here on the Northwest Indiana Wedding Photographer Journal!!