Ceremony at Bethel Church

I first met Kelley and Marcus at the Wicker Park Bridal Show in Munster, Indiana.  One of the first questions they asked me was how I would go about photographing an African American wedding and darker skinned people in general.  That was a great question as dark skinned people very often suffer at the hands of inexperienced photographers with nuclear bomb like flash thrown upon them as well as other photographic sins.

Without getting needlessly technical, as I take you through Marcus and Kelley's wedding day from Bethel Church in Gary, Indiana to the Centennial Park clubhouse in Munster, you will notice the wonderful skin tones and lack of hot spots upon their skin.  I take great care to soften the light when using flash and to also look for great natural light as well.  When the harsh lights of a church aren't something we can avoid, then a bit of work in the digital darkroom is in order.

While Kelley was getting ready in the rooms below the regal church, the groom was busy getting his groomsmen their buttoners as ceremony time approached.  The cute flower girl roamed the aisle of church pew while keeping an eye on my camera lens.  She was always ready for a smile!!

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Bethel Temple church in Gary is a large and beautiful room that filled with family and friends for Marcus and Kelley's wedding day.  The bride's father is a pastor and her both gave her away and performed the ceremony!!

The traditional puring of the sand took place and was color coordinated to match the bride's color of choice - ruby red.

The pastor (and father of the bride) told the groom to kiss his daughter, but not to go on for too long.  :)

We started with family photos inside the church after the ceremony before taking off to Centennial Park in Munster, Indiana.

Centennial Park was a bit chilly in October, but the bride and groom braved it for some wedding photos by the lake and it's wonderful fountain.

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After arriving at the clubhouse, Kelley immediately went inside to see her decorated room.  She was very excited to see all that she had planned come to life.

Several family members and friends took to the microphone to good naturedly roast the happy couple before dinner and dancing began.

The grooms mom got a bit emotional during the parent's dance while Kelley and her dad laughed it up.

A big thank you to Marcus and Kelley for entrusting me to capture their big day.  Can't wait to do those studio newborn shots we talked about!!  Also, special thanks to their wedding coordinator Mia Mack who helped my assistant and I gather groups together and more.