Wedding Ceremony at the Halls of St. George

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The goal is to always come out with some unique wedding photos at every couple's event, so when Abra and Dan told me they'd like to pay homage to the How I Met Your Mother television show, I was all for it.  The above image is one of a couple of those images.  You will see another below.

For now let me take you through some highlights of their wedding day, from Getting Ready at Riah Salon to the wedding ceremony and reception at the Halls of St. George.

Abra and her bridesmaids had a lot of laughs with me acting as paparazzi.  Riah is a wonderful salon and day spa in St. John and a great atmosphere for getting ready on wedding day.

It was looking to be a windy and rainy day and not what we were looking for in an outdoor Fall wedding, but Abra had a great attitude and knew the Halls of St. George could do the ceremony inside and that I could deliver her some great images from the day.  Perhaps me telling her I had super powers over the weather helped as well (just kidding - I wish I did).  :)

Then again, an Hermosa cocktail will often calm the nerves as well...

When my assistant and I arrived at the Halls of St. George in Schererville, we came across all kinds of fun wedding decor that Abra and her mom had on display.

While the girls got into their dresses, I took the groom and his groomsmen outside to capture some of the Fall colors...

At this point, the wind had really kicked in and it was obvious that we were going to have an inside ceremony and no outdoor Autumn pictures of the girls.  No problem, after the traditional shot of mom lacing up the dress, we took advantage of the lovely curtain in the ballroom, uplighted with red accent lights.

The family did a fantastic job making this sign for the junior groomsmen.  It looks professionally done!!!  Either way, what a cute kid and a wonderful moment for the entire family.  I hope he will show this one off at his own wedding years from now.  I'd be honored for that to happen.

The late afternoon ceremony was a standing room only affair with a large number of family and friends witnessing a touching exchange of vows between this fun couple.

Abra had a gorgeous dress with incredible detail.  This one deserves to be large...

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The pouring of the sand, a wedding tradition...

We immediately started family and wedding party portraits after the ceremony ended.  We had some rain coming down so we stayed inside where I had my portable studio lights ready.

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At this point, the pressure was off and we got some great, natural smiles from the newlyweds...

Abra and Dan's wedding party were a fun bunch and when they were introduced at the reception, a funny mugging for the camera took place from each couple, including the bride and groom...

The fun continued with the cutting of the cake.

Their first dance saw the Schererville banquet hall lit up with flash bulbs as the couple soulfully danced...

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We were able to sneak outside for a few more shots, including another How I Met Your Mother tribute with the Fall colored yellow umbrella.

I'm currently designing Abra and Dan's wedding album for them and busy meeting with 2013 wedding clients. I've had to turn away a few inquiries already due to already being booked.  Please fill out the contact form today and schedule a meeting so I can hear all about your big day.  It's looking like another busy year coming up and open dates evaporate fast.

Have a great holiday!!