Romantic Wedding Photos at Marquette Park Pavilion

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Greg and Kari's wedding ceremony actually took place in Jamaica this past summer.  They hired me to photograph their celebration here in Northwest Indiana with friends and family.  The newlyweds wanted a photo shoot on the beach to bring back the flavor of the Jamaican wedding attended by their wedding party and also wanted to incorporate a family feel to the images by including their two lovely daughters.

The Marquette Park Pavilion immediately came to mind as a Northwest Indiana wedding venue that could double as a tropical paradise.  We also used the nearby beach bath house for a backdrop as well.  When it came time for family wedding photos, the creative couple hired a horse and carriage to come and pick them up at their home and wisk them away to the celebration at the Hobart Elks Lodge.

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The Marquette Park Pavilion has been getting remodeled for the past two years and is now booking weddings and events for 2013.  I'm not affiliated with them at all, but have grown fond of the all in one wedding venue and as a Northwest Indiana wedding photographer, have shot their many times in the past - both in and around the building for weddings, events and high school senior and family photographs.

There is a lagoon in the back of the landmark building that is very picturesque and tropical in look.  Perfect for Greg and Kari to take a romantic stroll...

We used the bridge that goes over the lagoon and is a path to the Indiana Dunes beach for many of our scenic wedding photos.  This image of the groom admiring his bride from a distance is one of my favorites of the many images that we took.

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We used the nearby beach, as it is in within walking distance, for more couple's shots as well as this Reservoir Dogs tribute with the groomsmen waling toward the camera.

For family portraits we went back to the couple's home and simply used the wonderful scenery around their wooded community just off of I-65.  Their two daughters, Karly and Riley could not have been better subjects for the camera - incredibly polite and of course, photogenic as all get out. 

While strolling around their immediate neighborhood, we came across an old swingset and captured one of my favorite family photographs that I've ever taken.  The couple and their two daughters were up to try anything and together we came up with some unique wedding photographs.

Oh, there are a couple of extended members of the family I forgot to mention - their 1999 black Transam...

.... and the family dog!!

The can't be anything more romantic than the bride and groom in a horse and carriage.  While I took these in color, they just begged to have a more vintage look about them.

We went from romantic to adorably cute with the whole family on board and about to ride over the I-65 overpass toward the Hobart Elks Lodge for their reception, complete with a live band for entertainment.

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With the Just Married sign attached to the rear of the carriage, Greg and Kari + Family were sure to turn heads of the passing cars.

I want to compliment these folks on the creativity for their wedding day.  It was great fun to photograph their romantic wedding at Marquette Park Pavilion, their lovely home and the celebration in Hobart.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at at Greg and Kari's tropical wedding.  To keep updated and to see more images, subscribe here to the Journal and give us a "like" on the SBV Photography Facebook page.  

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