Fall Engagement Photos at Millennium Park

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One of the last images taken for Krystyne and Todd's Fall engagement photos occured in front of the Millennium Park fountain in downtown Chicago.  Todd spun his fiance' around and when they landed, fell into this passionate kiss.  It was perfect!!

The day started out with a walk around the downtown area amongst the shoppers and business people of Chicago.  This was all part of a Chicago Sessions engagement package in which I shoot in color and then turn all the images into old school black and white street photography.  I even add grain for a film like quality.  Here is an example of the color and black and white of the same image of the engaged couple walking down State Street.

Note the image grain and the dark room dirty border for a retro look.  For a complete example, take a look at this recent Chicago Session slideshow.

I've been known to get into traffic every once in awhile to get a shot that I want and this "one way love" image is an example of that.  Okay, it was only a few feet into traffic, but hey, you know these cab drivers!!  I might was well have been their hood ornament.  :)

We happened upon a row of bicycles that begged for a photo.  Perhaps all that 1960's classic rock I listen to influenced this as I recall a few album covers often saw rows of bikes like this.  I would have loved to have had the soon to be married couple riding a two seater, but it was not to be.  We spotted one, but the rider didn't stop.

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The sun soaked kiss below was taken overlooking the Chicago River as tourist elbowed around us trying to take the same shot.  Sometimes you just have to muscle your way into the crowd.  Krystyne and Todd did a great job blocking out all of the distractions and focusing on each other.

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We took a short break and met up again at Millennium Park for some real Autumn shots with the Fall leaves and orange and yellow colored trees.  We wanted to commemorate a photo with the 2013 wedding date and a trusty chalkboard did the trick. We have a lot more images like this with messages to each other written for the camera.  Can't wait to unveil all of the engagement photos in color and the specialty black and whites.

The wonderful thing about Millennium Park is you can get two worlds in the same shot.  In their entrance into the Millennium garden we have the Fall colored brush with the cityscape background.  Our focus of course, is the happy couple in the middle.

By the time we got deep into the park, these guys were old pros at being subjects for the camera.  They simply sat down and interacted with some gorgeous natural light falling upon them.  

One of our more fun loving images of the day is this back to back photo on one of the park benches.  I think these two were pretty relaxed at this point.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at at Krystyne and Todd's Fall engagement photos at Millennium Park in Chicago.  To keep updated and to see more images, subscribe here to the Journal and give us a "like" on the SBV Photography Facebook page.  More to come!!