Fall Wedding at Avalon Manor

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Jessica and David's Fall wedding at Avalon Manor could not have been more fun or diverse.  We ended up taking so many different styles of shots, from the seductive tone of the bride engulfing the groom in her glamorus veil to the lighthearted goofing off of the bridesmaids as they modeled the groomsmen's jackets.

The day started at the Razor's Edge Hair Salon where I soon discovered these girls were going to be a fun bunch.  This getting ready photo session was part female bonding and part dance party at times.  Everyone escaped injury from the 100mph champagne cork that kicked off the celebration.  Note to self: next time I'm asked to uncork a bottle - point away from all wedding participants!!

We just so happened to have a shiny curtain at the salon that was the perfect backdrop for a pinup style photograph of the girls sipping from their decorated water cups.  Once again, Jessica and her girls showed what a fun group they are.

Jessica looked like a Hollywood starlet as she had her make up applied....

I took a detour to Deep River Park where I met up with the guys for some Fall pictures in the wooded park.  They chatted away on a bench overlooking the river for this vintage style photo.

Soon we were back at Avalon Manor for more getting ready photographs like the wedding dress next to the lovely pink dresses of the bridesmaids.  Jessica had the cutest props such as these personalized hangers for each girl.

The ceremony took place in one of the ballrooms with friends and family looking on.  Here, the bride makes her grand entrance with the greatest of smiles.

After some very hearfelt wedding vows, it was pronounced that David could kiss the bride as pink petals lined the runner for them to exit.

Family photo's got fun as the happy couple posed in the distance as relatives held up an empty picture frame...

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Thanks to Alex and crew from 27 Entertainment for providing the atmosphere during the first dance at the Merrillville banquet hall.  I wanted to get a silhouette and another image of the bride and groom lit from the front as well.  The smoke filled wash of blue and purple light made for a great background.

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I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek at at Jessica and David's Fall wedding at Avalon Manor in Merrillville. To keep updated and to see more images, subscribe here to the Journal and give us a "like" on the SBV Photography Facebook page.  More to come!!