Wedding Client Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Today I'm introducing an awesome new add on to my wedding packages - wedding client mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and select Android devices.  Starting in 2012, all wedding clients who book the Digital or Digital Plus packages will receive their very own App in a lite version for no extra charge.  All clients who book a Digital Deluxe package will receive their very own app in a premium version for no extra charge.

Mobile App Lite Version: 1/2 dozen images chosen by me, ability to share the App with friends, one touch contact me button and a direct link to Region Weddings.

Premium Version: 25 images chosen by client, ability to share the App with friends, one touch contact me button and a direct link to Region Weddings.

This Premium Version will be available for purchase to any client for $19.99.  Buy the App once and share with as many friends as you'd like.  In other words, one purchase for all who want the App.


Q. Do I need to go to the App Store to download the Apps?

A. No.  All Apps will be downloadable via a link on the web.  See instructions below.

Q. Do the Apps work on Android?

A. Yes.  However, Android has many different versions, sizes and manufacturers.  I suggest you download the free Region Weddings App or a lite version first before purchasing a Premium App. 

Q. Will the App work on the iPad?

A. Yes, it is especially designed for iPhone and iPad.

Q. My mom, my brother, my 200 Facebook friends and my Aunt Millie want the Premium version.   Do they all need to make a purchase?

A. No.  You buy the App once and it can be sent to your friends right from within the App itself.  No limit as to how many of your friends can download YOUR MOBILE APP for free.

Q. Can I run the App while off line?

A. Yes, after it downloads choose 'yes' to "add storage to your device" when this pops up.

Follow these instructions to download the FREE REGION WEDDINGS MOBILE APP FOR IPHONE AND IPAD:


  • Log on to a Wi-fi network with your mobile device when downloading the App for the first time.
  • Tap on this link Region Weddings Mobile App.
  • An instruction in Mobile Safari to "tap on the + button" will appear.  Choose "add to home screen".
  • Let the App download.  Eventually a pop will ask if you want to "add more storage to this device".  Choose yes.
  • Soon after this a "download complete" will appear and you will then be able to enjoy the app offline.


The Region Weddings App above is an example of what your App will look like.  The screen icon will be one of your wedding pictures.

Known issues:

On some Android phones and tablets, the screen icon becomes a generic bookmark.  No known issues for iPhone or iPad.

I hope you enjoy this new feature.  I will be rolling out Apps for my studio clients as well.  Stay tuned.