Family Pictures at Marquette Park Beach

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On occasion we take a break from wedding coverage to show some of my other work.  Today is one of those days as I thought I'd share a few images of the Webb family at Marquette Park beach.

We had quite a few laughs as I led the trio through the sand dunes toward Lake Michigan.  I wanted to get some fun shots in as we waited for the sun to set...

We snuck in some couple's shots as well, with the beach as our backdrop...

As the end of summer approaches, now is the time to finally get those Family Photos at the beach taken care of.  We are probably good for another month of tolerable tempatures.  Throwing on some hoodies at sunset and strolling the shore can make for some nice photographs - for couples and families alike.

Take a look at the Outdoor Family Brochure which includes a package with a nice wall print.  If the beach isn't your thing, consider some Fall outdoor portraits instead.  Either way, don't let another year pass without documenting the entire family.