Windy City Engagement Photos: Tara and Ken

It was quite the windy day when Tara and Ken did their Chicago Session engagement photos.  You can see her hair blowing as they kissed at the South Shore station in East Chicago.  This shot of the train arriving is a tradition for this engagement session.

Having the crowd be part of the shots is a tradition that harkens back to old 1960's and 1970's romantic photos done on film.  I shoot them all in color and then give it the classic, cinematic look in the digital darkroom.

Although black and white is what we are going for during these engagement photo sessions, some images are begging for color.  This gritty alley way kissing shot is a perfect example of that.

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The same idea applies to this sun flared walking photo.  This is why The chicago Sessions are always available in black and white and color.

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Since Millennium Park is close to the South Shore train station, I usually take photos there just before we are about to board the train back to Northwest Indiana.

A fun, weird one with Cloud Gate (aka - The Bean) and Tara's fiance Ken reflected within her sunglasses.

Very often I will shoot wide to capture the breathtaking view of the buildings in downtown Chicago....

Other times, we capture some romantic close ups....

Another tradition that has become popular for this engagement session is the theater marquee photo.  This one worked out nice as two actual love birds came to visit Tara and Ken, our human love birds!!

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Our last image here is the one these guys picked as the cover of their engagement photo book.  It's a romantic mini park amongst the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago - The Windy City.