Rainy Day Wedding: Sneak Peek from Deep River Park

 I always tell my clients to not to worry if it rains on your wedding day.  Imagine the unique photographs you will have from braving the elements.  The image above has our bride Jamie's daughter and the groom Andrew's son walking out during the ceremony at Deep River Park.  They were on their way to the gazebo where their guests were huddled undercover.

We ended up with a very cool looking misty fog hovering around Allison's red All Star sneakers, nice saturated greenery from the wet rain and I believe a unique looking wedding photograph.  My assistant held an umbrella over me as I took these shots and we gave our extras to members of the wedding party who needed them.

I will have more images from this Deep River Park Spring wedding soon.  For now, enjoy this sneak peek.

The day started off warm and dry at Amara hair salon in Valparaiso.  The family gathered around as the bride Jamie treated herself to a relaxing foot massage.

Jamie's daughters Skylar and Alison were her bridesmaids.  Sometimes they hid from my prying lens and other times they hammed it up.  Either way I had fun capturing their Getting Ready session with their mom and Grandmother.

Jamie began to get emotional as she was trying on her veil.  She went from deep meditation to this glorious smile...

The girls went to the Radisson in Merrillville to put on their dresses.  Here's a quick fun photo in the lobby with the girls giving mom and bride to be some attitude.  Yes, Alison is wearing some red Converse All Stars with her dress!!  Cool.

At this point the rain had started so I caught up with Father and Son over at Deep River Park just before the ceremony was about to begin.

The cool rain and the warm ground created a misty fog as seen in these walking photos as the ceremony began.  Guests, Pastor and the Groom all were waiting under the roof of the gazebo.

We took family and couples shots at Deep River as the rain stopped just after the ceremony.  Here's one behind the old wedding barn...

We stayed at Deep River Park for about 45 minutes until descending upon Lucretia's Restaurant in downtown Crown Point, Indiana.  The family and friends had a nice dinner where I captured candid moments like this one with the bride and her son.

I also took many portraits of the wedding guests and their children...

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