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Why do I photograph weddings?

Photographing weddings can be arduous.  I just purchased new shoes today because I wore out the soles last year.  My style of photography has me walking, running, crawling, bending, etc. all day and night.  Sometimes the day doesn't go as planned (where's the limo driver?), so like a good quarterback you have to call an audible.  

So, why not photograph stationary objects instead?  Why not photograph static mountain tops or flowing waterfalls?  Well, the obvious reason is that we don't have any such thing here in Northwest Indiana!!  lol However, the real reason is that I love the "wow factor" I get from people after showing them a gallery of images that are special to them.  In the end, I love taking people pictures!!  I'm the one who wants to make Grandma cry!!  :)

Here's a video that I recently came across that says it all.  It's a commercial, but an emotional one.  Isn't it all about the emotion?  I think so.  Enjoy...