All About Our Modern Wedding Albums

The wedding albums here at Region Weddings are done in a very modern, coffee table style format.  The covers are custom designed to fit the clients needs.  Sometimes the bride and myself will decide to go with the color of her bridesmaid's dresses as the dominant theme.  

The pages all come with a luster coating for deep colors and protection.  I use a lab that ONLY prints books and nothing else.  They are of the highest quality and rival some photography books that you will see at Barnes and Noble or Borders book stores.

After the wedding is done and I have edited all images, I will have the couple and their family over for Premiere Night, where we will look at all of their wedding photos.  At this time, we will decide together what images will grace the front and back covers as well as the dominant color scheme.

Sometimes we will go with the color that best blends with the photo we have selected to on the wedding album cover.  For Jack and Rebecca's beach wedding at Marquette Park, we decided on tan to blend well with the color of the beach sand.

For the back cover, we decided on the wide shot of them kissing in the back of a classic car convertible just outside of Marquette Park Pavilion.

Sometimes wedding clients will ask for a themed for their wedding.  In the case of Heather and Gordon, it was an author theme as they are writers, readers and lovers of literature.  I made a custom collage of some of their wedding details along with shots from their wedding day.

If you choose Package #2 you will receive all of your wedding photos in a book.  If you go with Package #3, the designs are laced throughout the book along with all of your wedding images.

For the inside of the wedding book, I very often start out with single shots of the bride and groom...

The specially designed inner pages (for Package #3) can be quite elaborate faux necklaces and torn wrapping paper and wedding rings too....

All of my wedding clients have loved their albums and it's a great, economical way to get all of your photographs professionally printed as well.

For Austin and Megan's Chicago engagement photos we went for a Fall, leafy themed cover.  Even though their wedding was in October we did not want to repeat ourselves, so a classy, classic wedding album cover was chosen.  Two beaded hearts were designed into the album cover.

All wedding books come in a 12x12 Square size.  The designed images are printed directly onto the hardbound cover.  Mom and grandparent brag books are available in a 7x7 Square (with designed cover) or a simpler 8.5 x11 hard book with a slip cover.

Remember that a wedding album, along with all day coverage comes with every package at Region Weddings.  It depends how elaborately designed you would like your photo book to be.  I believe a wedding book should go all out.  Either way, a simple design or lots of embellishment - these wedding albums are of the highest quality.

I bring samples to all my meetings.  I also carry the vintage style wedding albums that are thicker and heavier for those who prefer a more traditional look as opposed to the modern wedding album.