Spotlight on Outdoor Weddings in Northwest Indiana

Spring is almost upon us here in Northwest Indiana and it's time to put a spotlight on outdoor weddings.  I will sprinkle this post with outdoor wedding ceremony photos that I've taken in the past year along with some venues to consider.

The above shot is from Marquette Park Pavillion in Gary, Indiana.  It's an old rustic building, but one that I highly recommend.  It's got a ton of opportunities for scenic wedding photographs and an area for outdoor wedding ceremonies and a large building for receptions.  You can even get ready in this facility with plenty of large mirrors in the basement area.

The benefit of outdoor wedding ceremonies is the dream like quality a gorgeous day can bring to the wedding photos.  The gazebo at Deep River Park is one of the most popular spots and I indeed have a couple of ceremonies to cover there this coming year.  However, Ogden Garden in Valparaiso is another gorgeous spot.  I also have an outdoor ceremony coming up at the gazebo behind Avalon Manor in Merrillville.  With the reception to follow right after, this is a great way to cut down on travel time on the wedding day.

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The area in front of the courthouse in downtown Crown Point is a little known venue for outdoor weddings.  If you don't mind the curious eyes of Northwest Indiana locals upon you, it can provide some nice, localized hometown type of wedding photos.  Click on the photo above for the viewpoint of the bride and groom during their ceremony.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies can also provide some very dramatic shots like this praying moment at Coffee Creek in Chesterton, Indiana.

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Our bride Molly asked for group shots of her entire wedding party and their guests.  The cascading water fountain and blue skies over Coffee Creek made for a perfect background for a group portrait.

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People tend to be a lot loser during outdoor ceremonies which can lead to some fun, candid wedding photos...

Another scenic area and a very affordable wedding venue is the Revelli Bandshell along Lake George in Hobart, Indiana.  It's an outdoor spot with a large cover and plenty of opportunities for scenic wedding photos before and after the ceremony.

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Of course, with an outdoor wedding ceremony there is always a chance you may have to scurry away from rain.  I understand that is a bad, four letter word when it comes to Northwest Indiana weddings, but we can always make it work with some artsy black and white wedding images.