Studio Portraits at the Wedding Reception

One of the most popular add on features of my wedding packages are Portraits at the Wedding Reception.  This makes for a great gift from the bride and groom to their guests.  Imagine family members who rarely see each other gathering at your wedding and reminiscing about old times. Sure, someone will get them together for a snapshot.  However, a professional photo with studio lighting and background will make a keepsake that they will cherish forever.

There is never any charge to the guests for taking these shots.  It's simply an add on to any of the wedding packages.  

When my assistant and I arrive at the hall, we will look for a spot and set up the backdrop along with lights, softboxes and posing stools.  We won't begin taking any of these shots until after the major events have passed - cake cutting, first dance, garter and bouquet toss, etc.  We will ask the DJ to announce that we will start taking portraits.  If there is action on the dance floor or any other event, we excuse ourselves from our line and cover the action.  Once we are sure we have our shots, we go back to covering the fun of the dance floor.

These portraits at the wedding reception are geared toward couples or small groups of three at the most.  The don't take too much time and folks usually aren't left waiting for long.  I often end up photographing the weddings of engaged couples after I have taken their photo at their friends wedding reception.

I often say "give the gift of photography" and your guests will certainly appreciate this gesture. It will further ensconce your event as the "wedding of the century" in their minds.