Christmas Eve for A Wedding Photographer

It's early afternoon on Christmas Eve and I'm about to leave to go visit family and have dinner.  I checked up on some last minute email and confirmed some orders for clients.  The thought occured to me that not only will I be with my family this holiday season, in a sense I'm going to be with many others as well.

I feel honored that the images I made for my wedding and engagement couples are going to be shown around a lot this holiday season.  The thought of folks laughing, smiling and maybe even crying a little as they look through the wedding albums or view the images in a video slideshow is very heartwarming.  It just sort of hit me right now that that is exactly what is going to be happening this holiday weekend.

So, thank you for letting me into your family circle for a little while.  I truly appreciate it.  Enjoy those photographs!!

Happy Holdiays,