Engagement Pictures at Portage River Walk

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Mike and Heather will be having a winter wedding in New Buffalo, Michigan this February.  I will be the photographer for their celebration!!  We recently did some engagement photos at Portage River Walk.

It's a hidden away gem of a place with access to Lake Michigan and opportunities for many different scenes for photos.  The opening image has a From Here To Eternity, edge of the earth feel to it.  A few steps in another direction can give you a marina like scene complete with a lighthouse as background.

One of Heather and Mike's favorite photos from this engagement session is this "love on the rocks" shot taken with the couple gazing out at the boats on Lake Michigan.

A few moment later I placed the happy couple on some beachwood and they new exactly what to do.  A great, loving moment for the soon to be bride and groom.

These guys were great sports as this field was a bit of a trek for them.  I wanted to make sure we utilized all of the scenery at this hidden away scenic spot.  Had to get those nice Fall colors in there as well.  I often "shoot for the album" so to speak.  This change of scenery makes sure that the book doesn't get boring page after page.  I like to see new backgrounds appearing as we go along.

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One of my favorite photos of the engagement session is this playful one with the soft blue background.  I like these type of candid moments best.

The Portage River Walk is off of Rt.20 and Rt.249 and is hidden by an industrial mill.  If I were to pan to the right for this next image you would see smokestacks just beyond the river walk.

Soon it was dusk with a temperature drop.  Time for some snuggling to keep warm...

Our last photo of the engagement shoot is this winding walk image of the couple holding hands.  I just like the way the scenery sort of frames them.

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