Sneak Peek: Mike and Kelly's Autumn Wedding in Griffith, Indiana

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Mike and Kelly had some wonderful autumn colors for their wedding at St. Mary's church in Griffith, Indiana. Today we give you a sneak peek of the Getting Ready in Schererville to ceremony and formals in Griffith up to the reception at Chetniks Memorial Hall.  More images and behind the scenes commentary to come at a later date.

The bride to be was all smiles when she received a delivery of flowers from her soon to be husband Mike.  These came complete with an "insider" humorous note that only Kelly understood.  Of course, she explained it all to us.  Good luck with your new last name Kelly!!

The Schererville neighborhood had great Fall leaves everywhere and made for a nice scene for some quick bride and bridesmaids photographs before the limousine would wisk them away to the ceremony.

Wedding photography can be dangerous!!  This bridesmaid may be laughing, but the sudden stop of the maniacal postal driver moments before was a bit startling!!!

The ceremony at St. Mary's Church in Griffith started out with the cute ring bearer walking down the aisle.  I hope someone got a picture of him high fiving me as he walked past.

The bride walks down the aisle flanked by her parents...

The church is a beautiful building.  Here the bride and groom pray during the ceremony...

Family photos were done inside the church immediately following the ceremony and we ended with a few moody couples shots in a dark area of the church of the new Mr. and Mrs. Mucha.

Soon we went to go enjoy the wonderful Fall colors of Griffith Park with the entire wedding party...

Our next destination was Oak Ridge Prairie, also in Griffith.  Here is one of the happy couple strolling as the Autumn leaves fall upon them...

The wedding day ended at Chetniks Memorial Hall in Schererville with dinner and dancing.  Kelly had the tables decorated to show off the Fall season and sentiments of the day.

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