How To Book Your Wedding Photographer

If you have read my About Me page, you know that I feel that meeting your wedding photographer and planning the photographs for your wedding day is important.  For me, getting to know the couple and hear their stylistic likes and dislikes of wedding photography will help me create the images that capture what their relationship is all about.  It will help elicit the - "you got us" and the "oh wow" - responses that I like to hear.  For the couple, it will break the ice of having a stranger with a big camera pointed at them all day.  It will make for more natural photographs.

As far as the steps to take to actually book your wedding photographer, here are some bullet points that apply to Region Weddings:

  • Call or fill out the Contact form to find out if your date is available.
  • I will respond with an answer and we will set up a meet and greet date and time
  • At our initial meeting you will see book samples, print samples, digital images and videos
  • Some brochures and a wedding shot list will be given to you
  • I will ask and answer questions and have some general chit chat
  • You will have the option to book on site or via another meeting or online
  • Acceptable payments are cash, check, credit or debit
  • The deposit amount is 50% of your package price