The Wedding Crasher

Put this one into the too funny category.  Just last week I got together with Andrew and Megan to show them the images from their wedding.  They were in a great mood and very happy with everything.  As they were looking at their reception pictures (from Amore in Crown Point, Indiana) they came upon the image above and asked if I knew the guy.  I sure didn't and apparently neither did they!!

I had seen him at a table all night by himself, having a few drinks and taking pictures.  I figured he was a guest and the couple did too.  So when he caught the garter I offered to photograph him with the recipient of the bouquet (a friend of the bride) and they happily posed.

I asked if they would like to leave this image out of their wedding album, but they had fun with it and said to leave it in.  Hey, it was part of their day and I'm sure they will have a good laugh about it in 20 years!!