Join Me for the Photo Walk This Saturday

I'm currently recovering from an all day Family Reunion shoot this past Saturday and now it's time to go through and edit all those images.  Before I get too deep into that, I want to pass along some ideas and some images for the Photo Walk this coming Saturday.  

This weekend will be a rare weekend off and I will be taking a more leisurely approach to picture making by leading a Photo Walk in Crown Point, Indiana.  It is part of Scott Kelby's Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk.  It's mostly for fun and learning.  However, you can enter your images to win prizes.

We will also be having an after party where we will order up food and discuss all things photography.

Whether or not you are in it for the fun, learning or the winnings, make sure you sign up at the link below.

Worldwide Photo Walk: Crown Point Page

I also thought it might be fun to post some images I've taken at the Crown Point Square where the photo walk is being held.  I'm more of a people shooter, so no landscape shots here, but it will still give you an idea of what the area is like.

The above image taken behind the downtown shoppes in the alley way.  This was from a High School Senior session.

Above: An engagement shoot in the Downtown Square area where we will begin and end our walk.


Another one from the same session in the grassy area in front of the old courthouse.

Another shot below from my High School Senior Session with Maryah.  I love that door!!  Found it while strolling the delivery areas of the local stores.

- click on image to make large -

There are many, many more opportunities for shots in this historic area.  

Here are a few ideas:


  • store fronts and displays
  • door ways
  • landscape shots of the courthouse itself
  • our walk will lead through some historic homes
  • signs
  • people (usually neglected on photo walks)
  • the old jail
  • flowers
  • old cars (sometimes parked around the square on weekends)
  • brides and grooms (sometimes the old courthouse is rented out for receptions)

Hope to see you Saturday evening!!