Live From Grace Lutheran

A different type of post today as I'm currently in the parking lot of Grace Lutheran Church in Hobart, Indiana. I'm taking outside shots of this beautiful structure and awaiting the brude's arrival.

I was just looking over my photographer timeline for the day and thought I'd share. Essentially my assistant will be checking these things off as we go along. I'm sure we will be adding to this and the order and timeline will change (it always does), but this is what we are going for.

11:30am - Arrive at Grace Lutheran for detail shots, set up lights, etc.

▪ Outside of Grace Lutheran
▪ Inside of Grace Lutheran

12:00pm - Heather and Gordon + Family arrive

12:15pm - 2:00pm Groom's Side

▪ Groom Full Length
▪ Groom Close Ups
▪ Groom + BM adjusting tie
▪ Groom + BM handshake
▪ Groomsmen interacting
▪ Groom w Parents (pastor's office)
▪ Groom w Mother (pastor's office)
▪ Groom w Father (pastor's office)
▪ Closeup of rings

12:15pm - 2:00pm Bride's Side

▪ Bride Dressing
▪ Bride Full Length
▪ Bride w Parents
▪ Bride w/ Mom
▪ Bride w/ Father
▪ Mother adjusting veil
▪ Bridesmaids interacting
▪ Bride w/ each Bridesmaid
▪ Bouquet focused, BR's in background
▪ Bride close ups

2:00pm - 3:00pm Ceremony

▪ Ushers opening Doors
▪ Groomsmen + Bridesmaids down aisle
▪ Bride's Mother on Usher's arms
▪ Groom's Mother on Usher's arms
▪ Bride + Father coming down aisle
▪ Signings
▪ exchange of vows
▪ exchange of rings
▪ Bride and Groom leaving Church
▪ Rice throwing
▪ Bride and Groom getting in car

3:00pm - 3:30pm Reposed Shots

▪ Groom Kissing Bride at altar Full length
▪ Groom Kissing Bride at altar 3/4
▪ Groom Kissing Bride at altar close
▪ Bride putting rings on Groom
▪ Bride and Groom hands with rings and flowers
▪ Bride with Pastor

4:00pm - Formal Pictures

▪ Complete Wedding Party
▪ Groomsmen + Bride
▪ Groomsmen + Groom
▪ Groomsmen
▪ Groom
▪ Bride
▪ Bride and Groom
▪ Bride and Groom kissing / holding out rings
▪ Bridesmaids and Groom
▪ Bride w Bridesmaids flowers around her
▪ Bride sitting with Bridesmaids around her
▪ Bride showing ring to Bridesmaids
▪ Bridesmaids + Bride
▪ Bridesmaids

Bride's Side:
▪ Parents w Bride and Groom
▪ Parents w Bride and Groom + Siblings
▪ Bride kissing Father's cheek
▪ Parents with Bride

Groom's Side:
▪ Parents w Bride and Groom
▪ Parents with Groom

4:45pm - Outside Church and Lake George

▪ Various Couple's Shots

6:00pm - Reception:

▪ B&G at tables visiting
▪ head table
▪ B&G kissing @ head table
▪ wedding cake

This all comes straight from the bride and grooms shot list they filled out after we booked.

Well, gotta run - Heather and Family should be here shortly.