Take A Tour of Debbie and Dave's Wedding

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Let's take a tour of Debbie and Dave's wedding of two weeks ago.....

Debbie wasn't sure if she wanted to do "getting ready" shots as she is camera shy and she thought her girls might be "too much" for me.  lol  No worries, they were very gentle with me.  

The image below shows a bride in deep thought.  It was taken at a hotel in Highland, Indiana.  Debbie was surrounded by family plus me and my assistant.  If she needed privacy, we went outside to take detail shots of her flowers.

Judging from this image, I think her Dad may have been a little bored after deciding to visit his daughter and her bridesmaids.  I love catching these type of candids.

Soon she would be walking down the aisle.  Time for some detail shots of the shoes resting on her dress.

It's obvious that Debbie adores her Dad, so I was glad to have caught this shot in the Jury Room of the Criminal Court Building in Gary, Indiana where the ceremony took place.

Meanwhile, Dave - our groom was anxiously awaiting everything to begin.  He was being tugged all over the place by friends and family.  I was lucky to have caught him alone in this shot.

Now, onto the main event....

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After the ceremony, the nervousness subsided and the laughs began as guests greeted the happy couple.

I surprised the newlyweds by popping into the limo right quick for a candid shot that you don't see too often.

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We then headed for Oak Ridge Prairie in Griffith, Indiana for some formal shots.

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Here is an image that combines a detail shot of the flowers taken at the hotel earlier that day with one from the park.

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Here is a possible Wedding Album cover that I designed for Debbie and Dave to consider.  This is what we discuss at Premiere Night.

By this time, the entire Wedding Party (including the kids) was ready to do just that - party!!!

First dance for Debbie and Dave....

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Guests join in....

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Time to toss that bouquet!!

Below is one of my fave moments of Debbie and Dave.  I wonder what he said to her?!!

I like to capture a little bit of movement of the dancers at the reception...

This last image is one of Debbie and Dave's favorites.  He loves the retro looking black and white and she loves the "old timey" look including her pose.  

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 Thanks for taking the tour!!  Stay tuned, wedding season has just begun!!!