Debbie and Dave: Highlight Reel

Debbie and Dave had their Premiere Night a few hours ago, so it is now time to start sharing some of their images with all of you.  Today we will start with a sampling of images from their "motorcycle wedding" in this highlight video.

Please note the controls to switch from High Quality to Low depending on your internet connection.  Also, the images will not be quite as crisp in the video.  Some cropping has also occurred to make some images fit with the graphics.

A highlight video like this is how I will be starting a bride and groom's Premiere Night.  We then move on to the individual images by category - pre-ceremony, ceremony, formals, reception, etc.  The next step is print ordering followed by picking the cover image of the wedding album.  As soon as I get this info, I begin designing the custom wedding album.

If you would like to view larger, visit this link: Debbie and Dave in Full Screen  Again, don't forget to click on HQ for high quality.

 Okay, let's get to the video.  Here it is, Debbie and Dave: Motorcycle Wedding.  Hope you like it!!