Lifetime Guarantee

Let's talk photographic prints today.  While I love digital media and own an iMac, iPhone and will be using my new iPad as my traveling portfolio, there is still nothing like a great looking print.

I'm now offering a Lifetime Guarantee on all prints purchased through me.  I can't replace any photographs that have been damaged by careless handling (left in the sun, food spills, etc.), but will do so if it is the fault of the printing process itself.  

I'm doing this because I believe no one will EVER take me up on this offer.  I say that because the prints I'm offering are of the highest quality and will beat the local retail store every time.  I keep them at a reasonable price too.  Take a look at my Print Price Brochure.  

Here are just a few of the reasons my prints will last longer and look better than the local drug chain:

  • protective coatings & finishes
  • from a pro lab with the highest quality printers and inspectors
  • my computer monitor matches that of the lab's printers for accuracy

 I plan on including this certificate on large prints ordered through me.  You can slip it in behind your print and if something should go wrong, you can always contact me.

One last thing.  This is one of the most important events in your life.  Don't treat it like a snapshot you took with your phone.  Get your wedding and portrait printing done by a pro.  You won't regret it.