Last Minute Preparation for Wedding Season

Lookout all you brides, here I come!!

Wedding Season begins for me this Saturday with Debbie and Dave.  This will be a short post as I'm in preparation mode for them and my other brides and grooms.

Here is just some of what I'm doing at this time:

  • Tonight I visit the site of formal shots at the exact time we will be doing them on Saturday.  I will be taking the bride and grooms shot list along with me, check the outdoor light and the scene in general.
  • Charging up the battery for my portable light kit.
  • Testing out the specialty lens I rented especially for this occasion.
  • Printing out a mini map for the bridal party for the trek from the ceremony to the park for formals.
  • Checking the weather.  Getting my umbrellas ready if needed.

 Debbie and I have already been in contact this past week.  However, I may get in touch one last time to see if there are any changes and any other special requests.  My prep list is a lot more extensive than this, but time is a restraint right now.  Just trying to instill the idea that "just showing up" with camera in hand is NOT my method (nor should it be anyone other photographer's method) for approaching a major event such as this.  Not that it's not going to be fun!!  I plan on having fun along with my couples and their guests.  

Stay tuned for more updates and images as the season rolls along.