Anthony and Beth: Around The Square

Anthony and Beth are getting married in the winter of next year in Crown Point, Indiana.  We wanted to have a little hometown flavor to their engagement shots so we decided to take a stroll around the Downtown Square.

The above image was taken beneath the sign of the Courthouse Shoppes.  Something about the red in the sign and the greenery attracted me.  I had them sit down and talk and kiss to hopefully catch them in a candid, relaxed moment. We took a number of shots, but this one and a kissing image were the best of the bunch.

The above image is the steps of the old courthouse.  I saw the blue and the trees reflecting in the glass and again had them just "hang out" by the railing.  Another "soft focus" shot with lots of color.

Here's a simple one that I chose to put here just because I think they look great right here - just natural and happy.  Sometimes simple portraits are the way to go.

I know it was difficult for Beth and Anthony to get comfortable kissing with myself, my assistant and numerous cars passing by.  I think they got the hang of it!!  This is an "almost there" kiss with some giggling for good measure.  Believe it or not, it was quite chilly at this point.

Since we were in an old Indiana town, I thought some retro looking, old style images would be nice.  This one features desaturated colors with a white vignette around the edges.  Trying to evoke the look of Crown Point, Indiana circa 1972.

We ended up at one of my favorite spots - the plaza / alley next to The Circle restaurant.  This one is just before dusk and they might as well be embracing, as the temperature was starting to really dip.

In January, we will revisit the Square for some winter bride and groom shots starring once again - Anthony and Elizabeth!!  To view the entire gallery of engagement pictures, visit Anthony and Beth: Around The Square.