Music for your Wedding Reception

As I meet with more and more couples, one of the most consistent things I hear is how they would like to make their wedding unique and not run of the mill.  They are usually telling me to do something different in the photographs.  I'm listening and I will do so.

I also have some suggestions for making the reception really stand out - consider hiring a live band!!  My previous post had this listed as a "hot trend" for 2010 weddings.  This is partly inspired by a recent publicity shoot (see above) I did for Nomad Planets.  Although they are in no way a "wedding band", there are a number of great Northwest Indiana groups who entertain your guests.  I'm willing to bet they are even more reasonably priced than a lot of DJ's.

If you do go with a DJ, there is nothing wrong with providing them with your own music that means something to you as a couple.  This is also a great project for the groom and his best man.  Guys will love this part of the wedding planning while the Bride and her MOH can get the "dirty work" done with the decor and the formal wear.

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